Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crawford MIA, Graham and Pill updates

here's today's Scorps lineup, thanks to @AZ_GIANTS:

Brown CF
Segura SS
Trout LF
Hassan RF
Norris C
Overbeck 1B
Ruf DH
Walters 3B
Dent 2B

Sholl SP

Once again, no Crawford.  It seems like something must be up, Brandon has been playing very well so far and is the leading hitter on the Scorps right now.  If I get any info on this I'll update.  Update: according to @JalynneD35, Brandon's hamstring is tight and he will be back in the lineup tomorrow.

Ron Brown pointed out that Tyler Graham is playing for the Tomateros, I'll get him on the watch from now on.  Still no word on Pill, although a poster on extra baggs suggested that he may not play until 11/1 due to contract issues.  We will keep an eye out for him either way.

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